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"Ophelia’s War tells the riveting life story of Ophelia Oatman, an orphaned Mormon girl coming of age and fighting for physical and spiritual survival on the 19th-century Utah frontier. A truly compelling novel of moral exile and self-redemption. Enthusiastically recommended."

-Historical Novel Society

"One of the most memorable books I read in 2013." Goodreads Reviewer


McLennan ably handles her characters and their crises, though her skill as a writer is most evident in the novel’s third part, when the plot keenly unfurls. With moral ambiguity and questionable intentions, the cast lends a disconcerting air to McLennan’s solid debut.

A dark, violent story with a heart.

-Kirkus Reviews

GREAT READ!!! I loved this book. The author sets the scene, gets to the point and vividly describes what is happening. It is fast moving, and is actually a sometimes tough, but overall lovely story. It portrays real life in the rough parts of Boston experienced by people who have fallen onto tough times, yet the strength within the young woman carries it through to a triumphant. The formatting of the book is great with short chapters that kept me totally locked in. It's one of those books that I missed when I had finished it!


I received this novel from NetGalley.
This short novel was an intriguing read. I enjoyed the plot, the characters and the fact that the characters were so intertwined based on their hometowns alone. 
This novel is well written, well researched and definitely worth the read, its protagonists are relateable, antagonists are easily liked and easily hates, a perfect mixture of the two.
This was a fun novel to read and is definitely for any fans of crime fiction, gang-land activities or anyone looking for a shorter interesting read.


Julie - Goodreads

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In The Press

Alison L. McLennan was born and raised in Quincy, MA. Drawn to mountains, after graduating high school in 1989, she moved to Utah. One of the main characters in her debut novel, Falling for Johnny, was inspired by the infamous James "Whitey" Bulger who was still on the lam when the novel was written. McLennan received correspondence from Bulger after he was apprehended, and was a frequent media commentator during his trial. Falling for Johnny won an honorable mention in the 2012 Utah Original Writing Competition and the 2013 Inkubate Literary Blockbuster Competition. McLennan earned a Bachelor of University Studies Degree in Expressive Therapy with a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Utah and an MFA from The Solstice Program of Pine Manor College where she was awarded the Dennis Lehane Fellowship for Fiction. Dangerous Mercy, the sequel to Ophelia's War, is forthcoming from Five Star in October 2019.  Her next work, Falling Awake, is about spontaneous kundalini awakening phenomenon she experienced and her subsequent journey to Nepal where she embarked on an unsupported solo journey into the Himalayas and studied Kundalini Yoga and Buddhism. 

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