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The Buddha and the Buffalo

These objects, the Buddha statue and the small buffalo, appeared quite randomly from the clutter of my house. I have no idea why I placed them there for meditation. I heard the Buddha and the buffalo whispering, for seemingly no other reason than they both begin with the letter B. Then something amazing happened.

The paradox of life right now is at a time when my I'm suppose to engage in the ego-driven activities of self-promoting my next novel, I've had an intense spiritual awakening in which the ego and success driven paradigms are beginning to dissolve. Torn between fighting for my space in the book promotion world and going on a meditation retreat, I place a Buddha and a buffalo on my book and ask for guidance. Yesterday I researched retreats. I looked at the prices and the spiritual gurus running them and felt some kind of dissonance. I asked for a sign. Buddha and the Buffalo kept whispering. So I googled that term and this is what I got. Synchronicity... it's easy to ignore the whispers and only listen to the loudest voices. And yet the loudest voices are mostly of fear and desire. The spirit whispers. If you listen it will tell you what you need to know.

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